SC711 – RCBus Prototyping Module

SC711 is a prototyping module designed for the RCBus.



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Parts List

PCB1SC711, v1.0, PCB
P11Header, male, 2 row x 40 pin, angled
Screw (for spacer)2Machine screw, 6mm, M3
Spacer2Spacer, 10mm, M3, nylon

Printed Circuit Board


This module conforms fully to the RCBus specification v1.0 and thus supports: RCBus-2014, RCBus-Z80, RCBus-68xx, RCBus-9995.

User Guide

The illustration below shows the connections built into the PCB. These are designed to allow both narrow and wide dual-in-line ICs and also 0.1″ pitch connectors on the back (right) edge of the module.

Input/output port functions
I/O Address ReadWrite
Jumper options

Assembly Guide

Below is the suggested order of assembly. A general guide to assembling circuit boards can be found here.

  1. Bus header P1
    Make sure the pins are parallel to the PCB so that the board is vertical when it is fitted into a backplane socket
  2. Fit the nylon spacers in the mounting holes


  • This product is designed for hobby use and is not suitable for industrial, commercial, or safety-critical applications.
  • The product contains small parts and is not suitable for young children.

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