The RCBus is an extended version of the RC2014TM bus, designed to overcome the limitations of the RC2014TM bus. The bus extensions and formal specification have been developed by members of the retro-computing community via the retro-comp forum.

The RCBus specification v1.0 is available below.

RCBus forum: retro-comp google group.

The RCBus exists for these reasons:

  • To overcome limitation of the RC2014TM bus
  • To help clarify what is a genuine RC2014TM product and what is a product with a degree of compatibility to an RC2014TM
  • To reduce the chance of trademark infringement (RC2014 is a trademark belonging to RFC2795 Ltd)

The RC2014TM bus specification is a subset of the full RCBus specification. This subset is defined by the RCBus-2014 specification. Similarly, the Z80 family extensions are defined by the RCBus-Z80 specification. Other processors and applications have their own extensions within the RCBus specification. Compatibility can be defined by which specifications are supported.

Notes relating to RCBus specification:

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