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This website is about retro computer technology from the late 70s, the 80s, and even the 90s. It is not about genuine commercial computers of that era, but about building with old technology.

If you fancy creating an 8-bit computer or running CP/M, then there are lots of projects here to look at. Most have comprehensive documentation and freely available design files. Some are even available as complete kits at Tindie.

SC516 – Z80 processor card (Z50Bus compatible)

So turn on that soldering iron and build something with less computing power than an optical mouse.

CP/M computer based on SC114 (RC2014 compatible)
SC131 – Z180 RomWBW CP/M pocket-sized computer

Getting Started Guide (2019)

Designing Your Z50Bus Computer (2022)

Designing Your RC2014 Compatible (2022)

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