Monitor Tutorial (Update)

Updated Tutorial (edition 0.2.1) for the Small Computer Monitor.

This is quite a major update of the document.

Small Computer Monitor Tutorial, Edition 0.2.1 (PDF)

In order to help make the Small Computer Monitor more accessible to those with little or  no experience of machine code programming, I’ve written a Tutorial.

The document focuses on using the monitor in ROM on RC2014-Z80 systems.

It starts by introducing things like hexadecimal numbers and ASCII characters, then covers topics like serial ports before moving on to using the monitor’s commands. It then covers in a step by step fashion how to enter and run a very simple program. After this it covers debugging and then gives further examples.

The tutorial could probably do with more examples to introduce more concepts and also a section on how to use a fully featured assembler, but is otherwise complete.

I would appreciate any feedback.

Remember, the Small Computer Monitor User Guide is the reference document for those with experience of machine code and machine code monitor programs.