Monitor v0.2.1

The Small Computer Monitor is a classic machine code monitor for Z80 based systems.

It has the following main features:

  • Boot loader to load Intel HEX files from a PC or similar
  • Memory display and editing
  • Register display and editing
  • In-line disassembler
  • In-line assembler
  • Breakpoint debugging
  • Single step debugging (without the need for special hardware)

Currently the Small Computer Monitor supports RC2014 systems with either of the official serial modules fitted (6850 ACIA or Z80 SIO/2). The program detects which module is available.

This release should be thought of as a preview, as it is an early version and needs more testing.

Small Computer Monitor User Guide edition 0.2.0 (PDF)

Small Computer Monitor ROM Image v0.2.1 (Intel hex file)

Small Computer Monitor Source code v0.2.1 (ZIP)