I2C Modules

I now have circuit boards for the first batch of I2C modules.

As described here, I plan to make I2C a part of my future hardware and software designs.

I already have an I2C bus master module for the RC2014 bus and an I2C memory card, which I hope to support with save and load functions in future firmware.

SC137 – I2C bus master module for the RC2014 bus
SC138 – I2C memory card

The next step is to build a range of modules to aid experimentation and software development. Currently I have the following modules, but I’ve only tested a couple of them so far.

  • SC401 – I2C prototyping module
  • SC402 – I2C memory module (24xxxx)
  • SC403 – I2C 16-bit digital I/O module (MCP23018)
  • SC404 – I2C 8-bit digital I/O module (MCP23008)
  • SC405 – I2C 8-bit digital I/O module (PCF8574)
  • SC406 – I2C temperature sensor module (TC74)
  • SC407 – I2C switches and lights module (PCF8574)

The modules can be daisy-chained together as illustrated below. They can be connected directly of by a 6-way dupont cable.

I2C modules daisy-chained by direct connection
I2C modules daisy-chained using a dupont cable

Most of the modules are a consistent size with a male I2C bus connector on one side and a female I2C bus connector on the other, A second male I2C bus connector is included for connection with a dupont cable. The modules also allow for mounting of I2C bus termination resistors.

SC401 prototyping module and SC402 memory module
SC403 16-bit digital I/O and SC404 8-bit digital I/O
SC405 8-bit digital I/O and SC406 temperature sensor

The switches and lights module (SC407) is currently the only module that is a different size and has slightly different daisy-chaining features.

SC407 – I2C switches and lights module

Over the next few days I intend to test modules and write some example software. I plan to make more modules in the coming months.