Pocket RomWBW System

Today, I finally received the batch of PCBs I’ve been waiting for from China since January 14.

These boards are for my prototype pocket RomWBW system.

Front view.jpg
SC131 RomWBW CP/M Computer

I’ve got a few tweaks and some testing to do and then I intend to offer it as a kit. I plan to offer a choice of case colours and a choice of front and back panel colours.

SC131 circuit board


  • Z180 CPU running at 18.432MHz
  • 512k Flash
  • 512k RAM
  • 2 serial ports
  • MicroSD card slot
  • No further expansion if possible
Next to SC126 for scale
The case is available in several colours
Viewed with top of case removed
View of back panel
Top view next to SC126 (for scale)