The Z50Bus has been developed by LiNC and originally used on the LiNC80 SBC1. Details of the Z50Bus can be found here.

Most of my Z50Bus cards are made to these dimensions.

Input/output addresses

These address uses have been discussed with LiNC but are not official stated policy.

I/O AddressUse (General)
0x00 to 0x3FProcessor card, or SBC, or Motherboard,
and cards operating specifically with these devices
0x40 to 0x4FAvailable to third party vendors
0x50 to 0x5FAvailable to third party designs/vendors
Alternative addresses for LiNC cards
0x60 to 0x7FSpecialist cards where address clashes are not likely
0x80 to 0xAFCore cards with well-specified functions
Vendors are encouraged to map compatible cards here
0xB0 to 0xBFAvailable to third party vendors
0xC0 to 0xDF Available to third party vendors
0xE0 to 0xFFUser’s own designs (suggested addresses)
Do not use for products that are to be sold

Input/output address usage by LiNC products

I/O AddressUse (General)
0x00 to 0x2F, and
0x38 to 0x3F
0x20 to 0x37Reserved for LiNC add-ons
0x40 to 0xFFFree for expansion devices
I/O AddressUse (LiNC80 SBC1)
0x00 to 0x03
0x04 to 0x07 echo
SBC1′ s Z80 SIO
0x08 to 0x0B
0x0C to 0x0F echo
SBC1’s Z80 CTC
0x10 to 0x17SBC1’s 8-bit IDE for Compact Flash
0x18 to 0x1B
0x1C to 0x1F echo
SBC1’s Z80 PIO
0x39 to 0x3F echo
Configuration register

LiNC Z50Bus cards when used with LiNC80 SBC1:

I/O AddressUse (Z50Bus cards)
0x30Default for digital I/O card
0x32 to 0x33Default for AY/YM sound card

LiNC Z50Bus cards, alternative addresses:

I/O AddressUse (Z50Bus cards)
0x52 Default for digital I/O card
0x??Default for AY/YM sound card

I/O addresses used by some early third party products

I/O Address Use (SC118, Z80 processor)
0x08 to 0x3BSC118’s status LED
0x20 to 0x23SC118’s serial RTS output
0x28 to 0x2BSC118’s serial TXD output
0x28SC118’s serial RXD input
0x30 to 0x33SC118’s memory A16 output
0x38 to 0x3BSC118’s RAM select output
I/O AddressUse (Z50Bus cards)
0x10 to 0x17SC127 #1, Compact Flash
0x80 to 0x83SC125 #1, Z80 SIO
0x84 to 0x87SC125 #2, Z80 SIO
0x88 to 0x8BSC125 #1, Z80 CTC
0x8C to 0x8FSC125 #2, Z80 CTC
0x90 to 0x97SC127 #2, Compact Flash

In addition, the more recently released SC500 series is described here.

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