Karl’s Compact Flash Module 10e

This module (karlab #10e) has been designed for RC2014 by Karl Albert Brokstad. It provides a compact flash interface compatible with the official RC2014 Compact Flash module.

Karl’s Compact Flash module #10e

Documentation and Suppliers

DocumentationDeveloper’s website
PCB design filesEasyEDA: karlab #10e
PCB design files Z80.no: karlab #10e
PCB (to purchase)Not available
Kit (to purchase)Tindie: #10e compact flash


This is a very neat half-height module. It is quick and easy to build, looks great in black, and works well.

SC126 Z180 motherboard with #10e compact flash module, running RomWBW

The module has flexible address selection which can be set to be totally compatible with the official RC2014 compact flash module. It also suffers the same address echo as the RC204 module. Other than the one address echo, the address decoding is nice and tight.

Karl’s 10e with SC108, SC110 and SC116, running CP/M

The compact flash card sits much higher than the official RC2014 compact flash module, primarily due to the use of a low-cost, off-the-shelf adapter board. The big advantage of this approach is that no fine pitch soldering is required.

A busy LED shows when the compact flash card is being accessed.

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