This page provides links to suppliers of SC series kits, PCBs and components.


Some SC series designs are available as kits which contain PCBs, components and, where appropriate, programmed ROMs.

SupplierWebsiteShips from
Stephen C CousinsTindie storeUK

Printed circuit boards

The table below provides links to suppliers of SC series printed circuit boards. These are just the circuit board without any components.

SupplierWebsiteShips from
Stephen C Cousins
(range of colours)
Tindie store
Tindie PCBs for RC2014
Tindie PCBs for Z50Bus
Tindie PCBs for I2C bus
(mostly blue PCBs)
pcb4diy store
pcb4diy PCBs for RC2014
pcb4diy PCBs for Z50Bus
eBay store
eBay PCBs for RC2014
eBay PCBs for Z50Bus

These designs are all open source with the Gerber files in the public domain. You can therefore download the Gerber files and get the PCBs manufactured yourself, if you wish.


SC series designs use a wide variety of components. Most are available from the well know component suppliers.

SupplierWebsiteShips from
MouserUS site
UK site
Digi-KeyUS site
UK site
FarnellUK siteUK
Stephen C Cousins
(specialist parts only)
Tindie componentsUK

Sources such as eBay are recommended for simple mechanical parts, such as bus connectors.

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