SCM, v1.1, Description

The Small Computer Monitor is a classic machine code monitor for Z80 based systems.

It has the following main features:

  • Boot loader to load Intel HEX files from a PC or similar
  • Memory display and editing
  • Register display and editing
  • In-line disassembler
  • In-line assembler
  • Breakpoint debugging
  • Single step debugging (without the need for special hardware)
  • Extendable using its built-in ROM filing system
  • Supports a range of hardware

Systems limited to 8k byte ROMs are supported, but there is no space for extensions using the Monitor’s ROM filing system. Systems with larger ROMs have versions of the Monitor that include BASIC and a CP/M loader.

The ROM filing system allows additional files to be included in the ROM. These can be programs or help text. These files are automatically integrated into the Monitor, providing an easy way to extend its functionality.

SCMonitor was originally entirely my own work starting completely from scratch. However, since the first release of SCMonitor I’ve had lots of feedback and input from others. I would particularly like to thank Jon Langseth, designer of the LiNC80 SBC1, for all his input and enthusiasm during the work on the LiNC80 version and the general v1.0 release.

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