SCM App, Memory Test v2.0

This App tests the system’s RAM. It runs on systems with at least 64k bytes of RAM and the ability to page out ROM by writing to port 0x38.

If there is more than 64k of RAM, only the primary 64k is tested.

Currently, there is not a version of this program for the Z180 processor.

Version 2 of this App tests to see if the ROM is not being paged out, thus helping to identify issues with the paging circuitry.

Version 1 is a better choice if you want a test program that can be left running, continuously testing the RAM.

Recommended for Z80 processors
Small Computer Monitor (SCM) v1.0 or later
Z80 processor
SCM_MemTest_v2.0_Z80.hex (code starts at 8000)
Version 2.0 (2022-07-27)
Source code
Version 2.0 (2022-07-27)

Below is an example of the terminal output when loading and running the App.

Small Computer Monitor - RC2014
*         <<< send hex file here >>>
Z80 64k memory test v2.0 by Stephen C Cousins
Upper 32k RAM: Pass
Lower 32k RAM: Pass
ROM page out test: Pass

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