This App enables Grant Searle’s DOWNLOAD.COM program to be written to a CP/M disk.

To create a functional CP/M system you need to write the CP/M operating system to a ‘disk’. You also need to write some programs and data files to the disk. There are several ways to achieve this.

  • Create the CP/M disk on a modern computer, typically by writing a pre-prepared disk image to a Compact Flash card. There are programs and CP/M disk images available on the internet. TODO: Add details
  • Create the required CP/M disk one step at a time on the retro computer system. This can be done with various utilities downloaded to the Small Computer Monitor using a terminal program on a modern computer.
    • Format the disk using CF Format
    • Copy the CP/M OS to the disk using PutSysPlus
    • Copy a file transfer program program to the disk. eg. DOWNLOAD.COM
    • Use the file transfer program to copy over other program and data files.

Using the second method, above, you need the SCM App to install the DOWNLOAD.COM program on the CP/M disk. You also need Grant’s “FilePackage.exe” (Windows) program to package files for transfer to the CP/M system.

Recommended for RC2014 and Z50Bus systems
Small Computer Monitor (SCM) v1.0 or later
Z80 processor
Serial port (with hardware flow control)
Compact flash card
Version 2022-03-17
Recommended for LiNC80 SBC1
Small Computer Monitor (SCM) v1.0 or later
LiNC80 SBC1 (Z80 processor)
Serial port (with hardware flow control)
Compact Flash card
Version 2018-04-30

Homebrew 8-bit retro computing