SCM Apps

The following “Apps” are programs that are run from the Small Computer Monitor (SCM).

These Apps are supplied as Intel Hex files (.HEX) which can be downloaded to a system running SCM. Most terminal emulation programs, such as Tera Term, provide a means of “sending” a file to the target system. This is sometimes called “Send file” or “Paste file”. The idea is the file is sent as if it had been typed into the terminal window.

There is no need to do anything with SCM to prepare it to receive the file. SCM detects an Intel HEX file as it is received. Once the file is successfully received, SCM will display “Ready”. You shouldn’t see the contents of the file being displayed in the terminal window. If you do it means SCM has not detected the start of the file.

Most programs are machine code that starts at address 0x8000. To run a program starting at 0x8000, type the command “G 8000”.

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