SC203 – Modular Z180 computer

This modular computer can run RomWBW, which includes a very good implementation of CP/M, and also the Small Computer Monitor.

Both firmware options can be installed at the same time as the memory module has two sockets for FLASH memory chips. A simple jumper selects which firmware is used.

Set of boards consisting of:

SC203 – Modular Z180 computer

Once built this minimal system contains:

  • Z180 processor
  • 512k bytes RAM
  • 2 x 512k bytes FLASH
  • 18.432 MHz clock
  • Voltage supervisor and reset
  • Two asynchronous serial ports
  • Backplane with power input
SC111 – Z180 CPU module
SC119 – Z180 memory module
SC112 – 6-slot module backplane

You can purchase this computer as a kit from Tindie.


  • This design is made in accordance with the “designed for RC2014″labelling scheme.
  • RC2014 is a trademark of RFC2795 Ltd.
  • This product is designed for hobby use and is not suitable for industrial, commercial or safety-critical applications.

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