SC146 – Pin Puller Tool (RC2014)

SC146 is designed as an aid to working with RC2014 compatible modules and backplanes. It helps identify pins to be removed from enhanced bus headers and also to identify bus pins when fault finding and prototyping.

So, yes, you are right, it is a project looking for an application. I made this because it took my fancy one day!



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Parts List

PCB1SC146, v1.0, PCB

Printed Circuit Board

User Guide

The usual way to remove unwanted pins from the second row of the enhanced bus header is illustrated below.

This works great, but what if you want to be more selective about which pins to remove. SC146 helps here as the pins are all labelled.

Simply push the pin header into the holes in the PCB, as illustrated, and pull the unwanted pins out of the plastic with a pair of pliers.

SC146 also acts as a useful signal ‘ruler’ when working on RC2014 compatible modules and backplanes.

Assembly Guide

No assembly required!


  • This design is made in accordance with the “designed for RC2014” labelling scheme.
  • RC2014 is a trademark of RFC2795 Ltd.

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