SC114, v1.0, Software, CP/M

There are several versions of CP/M 2.2 are available for SC114 Z80 Motherboard.

New versions, together with more detailed instructions, are available here.

The version you install must match the hardware you are using. The following hardware options need to be considered:

  • Serial port:
    • SC114’s built-in bit-bang (9600 baud) port
    • Z80 SIO at address 0x80
    • 68B50 ACIA at address 0x80
  • Compact Flash card size:
    • 64MB
    • 128MB

Using a version of CP/M customised for a different size compact flash card to the one you are using isn’t normally a critical issue.

The CP/M software is supplied (below) in the form of a “PutSys” program. This program is loaded and run from the Small Computer Monitor and installs CP/M to a formatted Compact Flash card. Once installed to Compact Flash, CP/M can be started with the command “CPM”, from the Small Computer Monitor.


One of these files is required to set up CP/M on SC114. The serial port and card sizes are included as part of the file names. Select the most suitable version for your system.

The programs above are based on code by Grant Searle.


Instructions to install CP/M 2.2 on to a Compact Flash card can be found here.

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