I2C Bus Modules (SC400 series)

SC400 series of I2C bus modules provide a variety of I/O and memory functions suitable for connection to a simple 5 volt I2C bus master, such as SC137 or the I2C port on SC126.

These modules can be daisy-chained together, either by direct connection or by dupont cables.

The following modules are available.

An SC400 series module typically looks like the PCB to the left.

The six pin connectors has the pin-out:

  • 1 = V- (0 volts / ground)
  • 2 = V+ (5 volts)
  • 3 = SD (I2C serial data)
  • 4 = SC (I2C serial clock)
  • 5 = V+ (5 volts)
  • 6 = V- (0 volts / ground)

These bus signals pass through most modules, with input (male header pins) on the left and output (female header socket) on the right.

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  • This product is designed for hobby use and is not suitable for industrial, commercial or safety-critical applications.

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