SC519, v1.0, Software, CP/M

A version of CP/M 2.2 is available for SC519, Z80 Memory card plus SC518, Z80 CPU card, or compatible systems.

New versions, together with more detailed instructions, are available here.

This version is designed for a Z50Bus system with the following hardware:

  • Z80 Central Processing Unit (CPU), SC516 or SC518+SC519
  • Z80 Serial Input/Output device (SIO), SC511 or SC521
  • Compact Flash card (64MB or 128MB+), SC504

The CP/M software is supplied (below) in the form of a “PutSys” program. This program is loaded and run from the Small Computer Monitor and installs CP/M to a formatted Compact Flash card. Once installed to Compact Flash, CP/M can be started with the command “CPM”, from the Small Computer Monitor.


The Compact Flash card needs to be formatted before CP/M is installed.

One of these files is required to set up CP/M on the Z50Bus system. The first is for a system with a 64MB Compact Flash card, the second is for a 128MB or larger card. CP/M 2.2 supports a maximum of 128MB with any additional space on the card not being used.


Instructions to install CP/M 2.2 onto a Compact Flash card can be found here.

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