SC518, v1.0, Description

SC518 is a Z80 CPU card designed for Z50Bus.

This card provides a Z80 CPU with a choice of clock sources.

The main features are:

  • Z80 Central Processor Unit (CPU)
  • Jumper to select one of 5 clock sources:
    • Half-size (8-pin DIP) “can” oscillator (x 3)
    • Bus pin USR1
    • External pin
  • Typical clock speed 7.3728 MHz
  • Compatible with memory card SC519

This card is designed to allow easy selection of a number of different clock sources for the Z80 CPU.

A typical system will also require:

  • Backplane (eg. SC501)
  • Power supply (eg. SC502)
  • Memory card (eg. SC519)
  • Serial card (eg. SC521)

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