SC516, v1.0, Description

SC516 is a Z80 processor card designed for Z50Bus.

Here are the specs:

  • Z80 running at 7.3728 MHz
  • 128k bytes RAM (second 64k not easy to use, so best consider it to be 64k usable)
  • 32k bytes ROM, which can be paged out with a single write to port 0x38
  • LED for power and status indication
  • Simple 9600 baud serial port
  • Runs the Small Computer Monitor, with ROM BASIC and the CP/M loader included

If you want to run CP/M you will need to add is a Z50Bus Compact Flash interface, such as SC504, and a Compact Flash card with a suitable CP/M distribution installed. You will probably also want to add a more sophisticated serial card, such as SC511. All this is supported by the ROM with no configuration required.

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