SC511, v1.0, Parts List

These are the parts required to build SC511, v1.0, Z80 Serial Card for Z50Bus.

PCB1SC511, v1.0, PCB
C1 to C66Capacitor, ceramic, 100 nF
JP1 and JP22Header, male, 1 x 2 pin, angled
JP3 and JP42Header, male, 1 x 3 pin, straight
JP5 plus JP61Header, male, 1 x 6 pin, straight
Jumper shunts8Jumper shunt
Two used to pad box header
P1 1Box header, 2 x 25 pin, angled, or
Header, male, 2 row x 25 pin, angled
P2 and P32Header, male, 1 x 6 pin, angled
R1 to R88Resistor, 2k2, 0.25W
R9 to R12 4Resistor, 100k, 0.25W
R13 1Resistor, 10k, 0.25W
S1 and S22Header, female, 1 row x 6 pin, angled
Spacer1Spacer, 10mm, M3, nylon
Screw (for spacer)1Machine screw, 6mm, M3
U1 socket116-pin DIP socket
U21Z80 SIO/2, Z84C4208PEG, or
Z80 SIO/2, Z84C4210PEG
U2 socket140-pin DIP socket
U3 socket114-pin DIP socket
U41Z80 CTC, Z84C3008PEG, or
Z80 CTC, Z84C3010PEG
U4 socket128-pin DIP socket
X11Oscillator, 1.8432 MHz
Solder to PCB recommended
X1 socket18-pin DIP socket
Socket not recommended

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