SC509, v1.0, Parts List

These are the parts required to build SC509, v1.0, Z80 PIO card designed for Z50Bus.

PCB1SC509, v1.0, PCB
C1 to C33Capacitor, ceramic, 100 nF
C41Capacitor, electrolytic, 100 µF
JP11Header, male, 2 x 8 pin, angled
Jumper shunts6Jumper shunt
P1 1Box header, 2 x 25 pin, angled, or
Header, male, 2 x 25 pin, angled
P2 + P4 + P6 + P81Box header, 2 x 13 pin, angled, or
Header, male, 2 x 13 pin, angled
P3 + P5 + P7 + P91Header, male, 1 x 27 pin, angled
R11Resistor, 10k, 0.25W
RN11Resistor network, 8 x 100k, SIL, 9-pin
Spacer1Spacer, 10mm, M3, nylon
Screw (for spacer)1Machine screw, 6mm, M3
U1 174HCT688
U21Z80 PIO Z84C2008, or
Z80 PIO Z84C2010
IC socket 20-pin
120-pin PDIP socket
IC socket 40-pin
140-pin PDIP socket
IC socket 14-pin
314-pin PDIP socket

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