SC505, v1.0, Parts List

SC505 is dual function real-time clock and I2C bus master interface card designed for Z50Bus.

PCB1SC505, v1.0, PCB
B11CR2032 battery holder
C1 to C66Capacitor, ceramic, 100 nF
C71Capacitor, electrolytic 100 µF
JP11Header, male, 2 x 8 pin, angled
JP2 plus JP31Header, male, 1 x 4 pin, angled
Jumper shunt10Jumper shunt
LED1 and LED22LED, green, 3mm, angled
P1 1Box header, 2 x 25 pin, angled, or
Header, male, 2 x 25 pin, angled
P2, P4, P8, P94Header, male, 1 x 6 pin, angled
P3, P5, and P73Header, female, 1 x 6 pin, angled
P61Header, male, 1 x 5 pin, angled
R1 to R44Resistor, 10k, 0.25W
R5 and R62Resistor, 1k, 0.25W
RN11Resistor network, 8 x 100k, SIL, 9-pin
U4 and U5274HCT125
X11Crystal, 32.768 kHz
U1 and U3 socket
IC socket 20-pin
220-pin PDIP socket
U2, U4, U5 socket
IC socket 14-pin
314-pin PDIP socket
U6 socket
IC socket 8-pin
18-pin PDIP socket
Spacer1Spacer, 10mm, M3, nylon
Screw (for spacer)1Machine screw, 6mm, M3

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