SC502, v1.0, Description

SC502 is a power supply, reset, and status card designed for Z50Bus.

This card provides power and reset for a Z50Bus system. It also includes status indicator LEDs .

A 5 volt supply at up to 1 ampere (1000 mA) is generated from an input of 8 to 15 volts D.C. at up to 1 ampere.

A nice clean reset signal is generated at power up and when the user presses one of the reset buttons.

LED indicators show the state of the power, reset, interrupt, halt, and wait signals.

The main features of this design are:

  • Power supply for Z50Bus system
  • Voltage regulator for reliable supply
  • On/off switch
  • Two reset buttons (top and front)
  • External reset switch option
  • Five status LEDs

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