SC148, v1.0, Description

SC148 is a low-profile power supply module designed for the RC2014 bus.

This module supplies power to the RC2014 bus.

The power input must be from a regulated 5 volt D.C. power supply that can provide at least 1 ampere (1000 mA) of current. The 5 volt (nominal) input should be within the range of 4.75 to 5.25 volts.

The module also provides a reset signal to the RC2014 bus. This signal is generated from the onboard reset switch (push button), a reset switch on the backplane, or an external reset switch connected to the onboard pin header. A voltage supervisor and reset device is also included, which provides a reliable power-on reset.

The main features of this design are:

  • Voltage input is 5 volts (4.75 to 5.25) at up to 1 amp
  • Power input via 2.1mm power jack or screw terminals
  • On/Off toggle switch
  • Power indicator LED
  • 5-volt output via screw terminals and header pins
  • Front-facing reset button
  • Reset indicator LED
  • Voltage supervisor and reset device

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