SC147, v1.0, User Guide

SC147 is a modular backplane designed for the RC2014 bus.

This modular backplane section can be used standalone or used to extend another modular backplane, such as SC133, or motherboard with a horizontal bus socket, such as SC114 or SC130.

When used to extend a modular backplane or motherboard, power will usually be supplied from the other backplane section or the motherboard.

When used standalone, power must be supplied from a module plugged into one of the module sockets, or from the backplane’s 40-pin male header pins (the 40-pin “plug”). Most serial modules offer the option of connecting power. This allows the whole system to be powered from an FTDI style USB to serial adapter – if there is sufficient power available. Alternatively, you can use the SC142 power module.

Module sockets

The backplane has 6 vertical and 1 horizontal RC2014 bus compatible 40-pin module sockets. RC2014 bus compatible modules can be connected to any of these sockets.

It should be noted that modules designed for the enhanced RC2014 bus, which have a partial second row of pins, may not work with 40-pin bus sockets, or may work with limitations. Similarly, modules designed for extended RC2014 style bus systems, such as the 80-pin bus, may not work.

The horizontal bus socket allows a module to be connected horizontally which can make access easier during development or debugging. In addition, this socket allows the backplane to be extended by connecting additional modular backplane sections.

Option links

It may be desirable to isolate some signals on the backplane. This might be necessary if you have, for example, two serial modules, each linked to its own terminal module. This setup would require the signals between the first serial module and its terminal module, to be isolated from the signals between the second pair of modules.

To isolate a signal from one or more module sockets, cut the thin track on the bottom of the board.

These are the isolation links as seen on the bottom of the printed circuit board:

Short rowLong row
User 1User 1
User 2User 2
User 3User 3
User 4User 4

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