SC145, v1.1, Parts List

These are the parts required to build SC145, v1.1, Compact Flash interface designed for RC2014.

PCB1SC145, v1.1, PCB
C1 to C33Capacitor, ceramic, 100 nF
C41Capacitor, electrolytic, 100 µF
C51Capacitor, ceramic, 100 pF
JP10Linked with thin track
Header pins not included in the kit
LED11LED, green, 3mm, angled
P1 1Header, male, 1 x 40 pin, angled
P21Box header, 2 x 20 pin, angled *, or
Box header, 2 x 20 pin, straight *, or
Header, male, 2 x 20 pin, angled, or
Header, male, 2 x 20 pin, straight
* included in the kit
R1 to R44Resistor, 1k, 0.25W
R51Resistor, 100R, 0.25W
U1 174HCT138
IC socket 14-pin
114-pin PDIP socket
IC socket 16-pin
116-pin PDIP socket

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