SC145, v1.1, Description

SC145 is a Compact Flash interface designed for RC2014.

Compact Flash module fitted to a Z180 SBC/motherboard (SC130)

This module provides an 8-bit IDE interface via a 40-pin male header. In theory, you could connect other IDE devices, not just the recommended Compact Flash adapter module (shown right).

As this is a very simple interface, which uses the processor bus directly, without buffering, the IDE interface should not be extended for more than a few inches, and only carefully selected devices should be connected. In general, it is best to only use this interface to connect a Compact Flash card.

The card has the following features:

  • RC2014 compatible (low profile module)
  • Tight address decoding
  • Optional power to IDE connector
  • Activity LED

The module can be built with the Compact Flash either horizontal or vertical.

Horizontal (straight header)
Vertical (angled header)

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