SC144, v1.1, Parts List

SC144 is dual function real time clock and I2C bus master interface card designed for the Z50Bus.

PCB1SC144, v1.1, PCB
B11CR2032 battery holder
C1 to C66Capacitor, ceramic, 100 nF
C71Capacitor, electrolytic 100 µF
JP11Header, male, 2 x 8 pin, angled
JP2 plus JP31Header, male, 1 x 4 pin, angled
Jumper shunt10Jumper shunt
LED1 and LED22LED, blue, 3mm
P1 1Header, male, 2 x 25 pin, angled
P2, P4, and P73Header, male, 1 x 6 pin, angled
P3 and P52Header, female, 1 x 6 pin, angled
P61Header, male, 1 x 5 pin, angled
P8 and P92Header, male, 1 x 6 pin, straight
R1 to R44Resistor, 10k, 0.25W
R5 and R62Resistor, 1k, 0.25W
RP11Resistor pack, 8 x 10k, SIL, 9-pin
U4 and U5274HCT125
X11Crystal, 32.768 kHz
IC socket 8-pin
18-pin PDIP socket
IC socket 14-pin
U2, U4, and U5
314-pin PDIP socket
IC socket 20-pin
U1 and U3
220-pin PDIP socket

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