SC140, v1.0, Description

SC140 is a Z180 based Single Board Computer in the Z50Bus card form factor. It can be used on its own as a Single Board Computer or it can be plugged into a Z50Bus backplane for expansion.

SC140 includes two 5-volt asynchronous serial ports and an SPI port for connecting a micro SD card adapter. It can also be plugged into a Z50Bus backplane for expansion using Z50Bus cards.

Hardware features

  • 1 x Z180 processor clocked at 18.432 MHz.
  • 1 x 512k byte RAM.
  • 1 x 512k byte Flash (ROM), typically containing RomWBW.
  • 2 x Serial ports, asynchronous, 5-volt, with software selectable baud rates.
  • 1 x SPI port, primarily for SD card mass storage.
  • 1 x Status LED.
  • 1 x Voltage supervisor and reset device (DS1233).
  • 5 volt power in typically from FTDI style serial adapter.
  • 1 x Push button reset switch.
  • 1 x 50-pin Z50Bus compatible connector.
  • Printed circuit board size 100 mm x 75 mm.

Micro SD Card adapter (shown right) allows a micro SD card to be used for storage of program and data files.

FTDI style 5-volt serial to USB adapter (shown right) allows connection to a computer running a terminal emulation program, such as the Tera Term (free software).

It can also supply power to the card.

Software support

  • RomWBW, configuration SCZ180_sc140. This configuration supports an SD card for mass storage.

RomWBW is the primary OS for SC140, offering CP/M, SD card, and CF card support (via Z50Bus compatible expansion card).

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