SC139, v1.0, Parts List

These are the parts required to build SC139, v1.0, Serial 68B50 module.

PCB1SC139, v1.0, PCB
C1 to C33Capacitor, ceramic, 100 nF
C4 and C52Capacitor, ceramic, 22 pF
JP1 plus JP2, and
JP3 plus JP4
2Header, male, 1 x 4 pin, straight
JP51Header, male, 1 x 2 pin, straight
JPA (Address )1Header, male, 2 x 8 pin, angled, or
Header, male, 2 x 8 pin, straight
Jumper shunts12Jumper shunt
P11Header, male, 1 x 40 pin, angled
P21Header, female, 1 x 6 pin, angled
P31Header, male, 1 x 6 pin, angled
R1 to R42Resistor, 2k2, 0.25W
R51Resistor, 1k, 0.25W
R61Resistor, 1M, 0.25W
R7 and R82Resistor, 100k, 0.25W
RP11Resistor pack, 8 x 10k, SIL, 9-pin
X11Crystal, 7.3728MHz
IC socket 20-pin
120-pin PDIP socket
IC socket 24-pin
124-pin PDIP socket
IC socket 14-pin
114-pin PDIP socket
Integrated circuits

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