SC129, v1.1, Parts List

These are the parts required to build SC129, v1.1, Digital I/O module for RC2014.

PCB1SC129, v1.1, PCB
C1 to C44Capacitor, ceramic, 100 nF
C51Capacitor, electrolytic, 100 µF
Jumper shunts8Jumper shunt
LED1 to LED88LED, orange, 3mm
LED9 to LED168LED, red, 3mm
P1 1Header, male, 1 x 40 pin, angled
P2 plus P31Header, male, 2 x 10 pin, angled
P4 plus P51Header, male, 2 x 8 pin, straight
RP11Resistor pack, 8 x 100k, SIL, 9-pin
RP2 and RP32Resistor pack, 8 x 1k, SIL, 9-pin
U1 174HCT688
IC socket 14-pin
114-pin PDIP socket
IC socket 20-pin
U1, U2, U3
320-pin PDIP socket

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