SC114, v1.0, User Guide, Software in ROM

In order for a computer to do anything useful, it needs some program code to execute. Even reading a program from a disk drive requires program code to perform that read. Thus a computer needs some program code permanently available to execute when it is first switched on. This is the function of the ROM chip.

The SC114 motherboard has been designed to have the Small Computer Monitor installed in the ROM chip, although any compatible code can be used instead. Currently, the recommended version of the Small Computer Monitor for this board is v1.0 configuration S2. This is available as both source code and HEX file from as part of the Small Computer Workshop download. The hex file is in the folder: SCWorkshop\SCMonitor\Builds

This ROM contains a capable machine code monitor, a version of BASIC and a CP/M loader.


The Monitor program provides a means of writing, entering, running and debugging machine code programs.

Documentation for the Monitor includes a tutorial, an installation guide, a user guide, and a reference sheet.


The version of BASIC included in the ROM is the one supplied with most RC2014 systems. Documentation can be found online with support available on the RC2014-Z80 google group.


The ROM contains a CP/M loader, but not CP/M itself.

To run CP/M you need a Compact Flash module, such as the official RC2014 Compact Flash module, and a prepared Compact Flash card (with CP/M installed on it).

The version of CP/M should be one of the versions produced for the RC2014. As CP/M includes its own device drivers, it is necessary to pick a version that matches the hardware you have.

The recommended versions of CP/M for SC114 can be found here.

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