SC114, v1.0, PCB

Z80 Motherboard (PCB) with RC2014 compatible expansion sockets.

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Stephen C CousinsTindieUK
SC114, v1.0, PCB design files (EasyEDA)
SC114, v1.0, Gerber files (ZIP)

This circuit board has been designed to be easy to build, with far less soldering and components than a typical RC2014 system.

  • Z80 CPU running at 7.3728 MHz
  • 128k bytes RAM
  • 32k bytes ROM
  • Bit-bang serial at 9600 baud
  • Four RC2014 compatible module sockets
  • Powered from FTDI style serial
  • Runs the Small Computer Monitor
  • Runs BASIC
  • Easily expandable to run CP/M

Available (free) firmware includes the Small Computer Monitor, BASIC, and a CP/M loader (required Compact Flash module).

Available plug-in modules include:

  • Z80 SIO based high-speed serial
  • Compact Flash module
  • Digital input and output
  • Prototyping cards

SC114 v1.0 Schematic (PDF)

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