SC111, v1.0, Software, CP/M

A version of CP/M 2.2 is available for SC111, Z180 CPU module.

New versions, together with more detailed instructions, are available here.

This version is specifically for SC111 (Z180 CPU module) plus SC119 (Z180 memory module), with the Small Computer Monitor v1.0 configuration S5 in ROM.

It supports the two serial ports on module SC111, and the official RC2014 Compact Flash module (or compatible). CP/M uses the serial ports with the settings supplied by the Small Computer Monitor.

The CP/M software is supplied (below) in the form of a “PutSys” program. This program is loaded and run from the Small Computer Monitor and installs CP/M to a formatted Compact Flash card. Once installed to Compact Flash, CP/M can be started with the command “CPM”, from the Small Computer Monitor.


This file is required to set up CP/M on the Z180 system:


Instructions to install CP/M 2.2 on to a Compact Flash card can be found here.

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