Z80 PIO module for RC2014

The final instalment in my set of three Z80 peripheral chip modules.

This module houses a Z80 PIO chip, and provides two 8-bit I/O ports with handshaking.

Complete 1


The main features of this module are:

  • Full Z80 mode 2 interrupt support (IEI/IEO daisy-chain)
  • Tight address decoding
  • DIP switch address selection
  • Two 8-bit I/O ports with handshaking
  • Connector on rear edge for ribbon cable
  • Connector on top edge suitable for Dupont cable

Documentation, including assembly details: SC103 v1.0 Z80 PIO module User Guide e1.0.0 (PDF)


Download Schematic: Z80 PIO for RC2014 – Schematic v1.0 (PDF)

You can purchase the printed circuit board from EasyEDA.com or download the Gerber and send it to your preferred PCB fabricator. If you purchase from EasyEDA you can get 10 boards for their minimum price.

My first application of the PIO module is a simple alphanumeric LCD interface.

LCD module 1