Single Row and Double Row Headers

RC2014 compatible modules use either single or double row male header pins. When mixing modules with both types there is usually an inconsistency in the height of those modules.

This may not look attractive and also the lower height of the single row boards can result in the module board touching the components that are mounted on some backplanes.

This issue is caused by the common versions of each type of header having different profiles.

If this difference in height is an issue for you, there are a few solutions to consider.

  • Use double row headers with one row of pins removed for modules designed for a single row (see below)
  • Source the less common header pins with consistent profiles, although these can be difficult to find and tend to be more expensive
  • Select modules that are designed to use the same number of rows, although this will restrict your choice

To remove the second row of pins the easiest method is to use the holes on a blank PCB to secure the header while the pins are removed with pliers, as illustrated below.

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