Installing CP/M 2.2

Below is one method of installing CP/M 2.2 on to a Compact Flash card using the PutSysPlus utility. Other documentation and methods can be found here:

PutSysPlus is a Small Computer Monitor App which installs CP/M to a Compact Flash card.

The following instructions assume the use of Tera Term v4.96 and is illustrated here running on Windows 10.

Select “Serial port” from the Setup menu.

Most systems require the terminal emulation software to be set to 115200 baud, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity, no hardware flow control. Also, set transmit delays to zero.

Systems using a 9600 baud bit-bang serial port, such as SC114’s built-in port, should be set to 9600baud, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity, hardware flow control enabled. Also, set transmit delays to zero.

Select “Terminal” from the Setup menu and ensure New-line is set to CR, and Local echo off. The other settings are not critical.

Connect the Z80 family retro computer system to the appropriate serial port and reset it. The terminal window should show something like this:

Formatting the Compact Flash card

Before writing files to a Compact Flash card it must be formatted.

You require the following Small Computer Monitor App to format a Compact Flash card.

Select Tera Term’s “Send file” option from the File menu. Locate and open the Format app (download link above). The terminal window should then show “Ready” indicating the Format app has been sent to the retro computer system.

To run the Format app, type the command “G 8000”. The Small Computer Monitor command “G” is short for “Go” and the “8000” is the start address of the app. The terminal window should now show:

If you are sure you want to format the Compact Flash card, press the “Y” key.

The Compact Flash card is now ready to store files.

Installing the Operating System

The installation App includes CP/M device drivers and therefore must match the target hardware. The appropriate file is available either in the Small Computer Workshop download or on the appropriate product page of this website.

Use the “Send file” feature again, but this time select the appropriate PutSys app. Run the app in the same way as Format, with the command “G 8000”.

You should now be able to start CP/M with the Small Computer Monitor command “CPM”.

CP/M is now installed. but there are no programs or data files on the Compact Flash card.

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