IC, Z180 CPU, 33MHz, Z8S18033VSG

This part is no longer in production but can usually be purchased via eBay, aliexpress, utsource, etc. These sources do not always yield working parts.

Alternative part number: Z8S18033VSC

Part numberDatasheet
Farnell: n/aNot stocked
Mouser: 692-Z8S18033VSG
– discontinued –
Zilog, Z8S180
RS: 625-9270
– discontinued –
Zilog, Z8S180

The VSC part is the older environmental code, so not RoHS compliant.

The Z8S180 chip has had a number of revisions and these include some significant functional changes.

Trying to identify the revision when purchasing is not easy. Buying the VSG part from one of the main distributors should ensure the latest revision. Buying the VSC part from anywhere could get you an older revision.

The N revision includes a couple of features that may be useful. There is a software-selected clock multiplier that doubles the clock rate and MAY allow faster execution. Another feature is the DCD0 disable which frees up the DCD0 pin as a general purpose input. There are other differences but current firmware avoids them.

The older K revision requires the DCD0 input to be grounded. SC111 and SC126 provide jumpers for this. This chip does not offer the possibility of software selected overclocking of SC111 and SC126.

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