Case, Hammond 1593N

The Hammond 1593N case is available in Black (BK), Grey/Gray (GY), and Translucent Blue (TBU).

This case is used to house SC131 Pocket Sized RomWBW CP/M Computer.


Part numberDatasheet
Digi-Key: HM963-NDHammond 1593NBK (Black)
Farnell: 9287566Hammond 1593NBK (Black)
Mouser: 546-1593NBKHammond 1593NBK (Black)
RS: 773-3170Hammond 1593NBK (Black)

Grey / Gray

Part numberDatasheet
Digi-Key: HM964-NDHammond 1593NGY (Grey)
Farnell: 9287574Hammond 1593NGY (Grey)
Mouser: 546-1593NGYHammond 1593NGY (Grey)
RS: 773-3189Hammond 1593NGY (Grey)

Translucent Blue

Part numberDatasheet
Digi-Key: HM4012-NDHammond 1593NBTU (Blue)
Farnell: 1877370Hammond 1593NTBU (Blue)
Mouser: 546-1593NTBUHammond 1593NTBU (Blue)
RS: n/aHammond 1593NTBU (Blue)

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